Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Will is getting to be a big boy

He is such a sweet natured child. I was very sad to leave this morning, although I tried to poison us all last night. We had leftovers of dinner I made on Saturday night and Robin and I both got sick last night from it. Pepto Bismal worked for her.... I think I lost 2 lbs. Headed to the airport this morning green. One cup of mint tea and a banana and I am heading in the right direction. So where am I going? Paris! To the Paris Fashion Doll Show. The girls insisted I go. ... so using hubby's mileage I am on my way. I am currently sitting in the Dulles airport with a 4+ hour layover before my flight this evening. Poor Dania got short shrift this trip. I decided She and Will would not hit it off so she never saw the light of day. She has 2 days of sightseeing ahead of her in Paris to make up for it.

I am going to try to blog (assuming I have free wifi) so if you want to follow along, I will do my best.

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Rayna said...

I thought he was gorgeous when I first saw him, but he's even more beautiful now:-). What a sweet face - no wonder you were sad to leave.

Hope you are feeling better by now! What is this fashion doll show? It's one thing to see the Paris collections - but doll fashions?? What am I missing?