Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some goodies

I decided to work some more on the ugly fabric challenge that I discharged. I cut the fabric in half and overdyed it. I loved the result so I did the same with the other half except I did not add the orange color. I am going to play more with this piece and keep the other. I love those blue greens. I will discharge the orange areas and then over dye again.

This next piece is one that I ice dyed but I was not real happy with the result so I overdyed it. I sort of like it... actually, I like parts of it. I may cut it in half and keep half and sell half. We will see.
 This piece came out well but I am not sure I will keep this one either.
This last piece of ice dye will not be staying.

I did a few scarves.. this one came out lovely. I will probably wind up selling it though as I have more scarves than I will ever use. You can go here to see this and some of my others.

The next 3 photos are sneak views of the projects I am working on.

This next one is one of my favorites. I did shibori on silk charmeuse. I love the way it came out.

And this one is some silk organza I started to paint dye on. I think I will do more to it.
All my goodies are now washed and put away. It is time to get back to more hand stitching.


aquabluerose said...
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aquabluerose said...

These are SO Exquisite, Sherryl!!

Works of Art!! I Love them so much!


Katherine McNeese said...

Sherryl, as always your dyeing is beautiful!
How did you get the circles in the first piece?