Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yep, I have been AWOL....

I was hijacked.... by dolls! I suspect I needed a break from fiber but would not admit to it. The respite has been good for me and I hope in a bit I will get back to my fiber art but in the meantime I have been having a blast.
I discovered that there are Fashion dolls out there... not the usual Barbie dolls. These are 12" and 16" dolls with the most wonderful facial expressions and outfits to die for. I also found out there is a huge community of adult doll collectors out there as well... who knew! I am sorry I did not discover this years ago.
So, for your Christmas day enjoyment I am posting some pictures. Hope they bring a smile to your faces.

The first batch of pictures are of my 16" doll who I find mesmerizing: All these dolls are fully articulated.

 Lucy decided to help me out here and I decided not to crop her out.

This next batch are of the 12" dolls. The first scene happened by accident.. It is titled "A Bordello Christmas". I got a bit carried away :-).
 This next scene is waiting for their families to arrive... they had to clean up their act.. they look bored out of their minds.... no one opened the bubbly yet. One of my friends suggested an "after " picture but I haven't gotten there yet... maybe an after New Years Party picture!

Wishing you all a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and anything else you celebrate this season. Hoping the new year brings health, joy, and wonderful experiences.

Sherryl, Lucy, Gigi, Freya, Larisa, Dania, Carmen, and Natalia.