Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paducah, day 2

I was so tired last night that I slept 12 hours!!! The temperatures were heating up today and the humidity was higher than I like.... one of the reasons I moved to Arizona. I find the humidity saps my energy.

I went over to the Yeiser Art Center today and saw a wonderful exhibit called Fibers 2010. There were pieces there from many of the artists on the Quilt Art list. It is nice to know there is something other than traditional quilts here in Paducah. In my meanderings in that part of  town I came across one of the arcades that hold a number of different vendors including an online friend who has now become a real friend. She was selling some gorgeous carved wood stamps that I am going to use when I play with the soy wax I finally found.

I had my ego stroked twice today.... On Tuesday night at the awards ceremony 2 ladies were admiring a jacket I wore and wanted to take pictures of it... They saw that I was wearing an identification tag that stated that I was a contestant in the show and they asked about my piece. I ran into them this morning and they stopped me to say how much they liked my quilt. They could have easily just walked by me and not said a thing. I thought my day was made. Fast forward to the late afternoon. I was spending some time with Justin in Ricky Tims booth and we were discussing quilting... and how I really don't like doing it. In comes one of the quilt judges (no I am not going to tell you which one) and I was introduced. She saw my tag and asked me which quilt was mine. I told her the name and she said... Oh, I remember that one. We were all discussing how elegant those ladies were! I said, thank you, and I know my quilting stinks. She laughed. I was really surprised that with the hundreds of quilts they looked at she could remember mine by name only. I never described the quilt. She definitely made my day.
To end the day, I found my way over to Helen Davis's new digs. Awesome place. Unfortunately, she was not there but her hubby was. I passed on the hello's I was asked to and broke down and bought a piece of her beautiful fabric.

I am ready to come home tomorrow. All in all, I had a good time. I felt I was on a whirlwind tour (I was) but I got to see and do everything I planned. I met lovely people and saw beautiful quilts. I wish there were more vendors of surface design products but I guess this is not the place for it. Strange because there is a very active fiber arts group here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Report from Paducah

... I'm exhausted and my feet hurt! I got to see a preview of all the quilts last night. They are stunning, although most of them seem to be more traditional in style. No, I did not win anything but I wasn't expecting too. I am really surprised my quilt even got in. The majority of quilts are quilted to within and inch of their lives.... not my style and never will be. I really wish there were shows that showcased the art, design, and style rather than the quilting. Wishful thinking on my part. I will never do that type of quilting. It was suggested to me that I should get someone else to do the quilting for me. Somehow, to me it no longer is my quilt. Oh well. Such is life.  The honor was getting in.
I have managed to hook up with some online buddies but not all yet... not enough hours in the day. Tomorrow is another day. I was hoping to stock up on supplies that I cannot find locally but I will have to say that I am mostly disappointed in the selection of vendors. Most of them are selling quilt kits and very traditional fabrics or just a bunch of commercial fabrics. I will be saving a lot of money.

I did get over to the National Quilt  Museum today and saw Holis Chatelaine's exhibit. She does awesome work. I also found my way over to Carol Bryer Fallert's Studio and got the tour. It is a lovely place to take a class and Carol is very gracious about answering questions.
Tomorrow is another day with a list of things to do and people to see. The shuttle bus drivers are fantastic and very helpful. The venues are all over the place and some pretty far apart. I am glad I am here but I am not sure I will be back.
Early to bed for me tonight. I am still on another time zone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring is sprung

My roses are starting to bloom... ah, spring has officially arrived.

Miscelaneous pictures

These are called "Red Bud" trees. We saw them all over the place on the drive from Nashville to Knoxville. Not sure why they are called Red bud since they are really hot pink!

And these 3 handsome dudes are my stepsons! Mark on the left, John (groom) in the center, and Evan on the right.

Stephanie and John making it official on Facebook.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home from our latest adventure

We spent the past few days in Knoxville, Tennessee, attending the wedding of my oldest stepson John to my newest DIL Stephanie. I wish them the very best and hope the love they have for each other never fades. This was my first time in Tennessee.

In under the wire.. I got my Quiltart QuinceaƱero piece finished and sent off!

Now I can recover and plan for my trip next week to Paducah!

Friday, April 2, 2010


How is it that we get so attached to our pets that we go into meltdown mode when we are loosing them? Sammy, my 16 1/2 year old Tonkinese  kitty is in stage 3 renal failure and I am a mess. He is in no obvious pain or distress but I am. He is having problems keeping food down and doesn't seem to want to eat. You can see him wasting away. No one thinks it is time to put him down but knowing the end is near is causing me severe mental anguish. This fur baby has gotten me through so much trauma in my life that I am having great problems letting go. He was there for me when I went through a divorce. He was my companion when I went through my cancer and treatment and had moved cross country and had no one else. He was cuddling up when I was alone. Sammy is a lover. He has a wonderful disposition and a talker. He loves everyone. It is almost impossible for me think that he will not be around much longer. For the last 2 days he was throwing up everything he ate. I thought last night that it was the end and I had a major meltdown. My wonderful and loving husband has been propping me up even though he is not fond of cats. He has gone out of his way to make sure Sammy has everything and anything that might help him. We got a reprieve today. Sammy ate some turkey and some baby food and has managed to keep it all down. If he eats we buy time... how much I have no idea. I don't think I am ever going to be ready for this one.