Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Report from Paducah

... I'm exhausted and my feet hurt! I got to see a preview of all the quilts last night. They are stunning, although most of them seem to be more traditional in style. No, I did not win anything but I wasn't expecting too. I am really surprised my quilt even got in. The majority of quilts are quilted to within and inch of their lives.... not my style and never will be. I really wish there were shows that showcased the art, design, and style rather than the quilting. Wishful thinking on my part. I will never do that type of quilting. It was suggested to me that I should get someone else to do the quilting for me. Somehow, to me it no longer is my quilt. Oh well. Such is life.  The honor was getting in.
I have managed to hook up with some online buddies but not all yet... not enough hours in the day. Tomorrow is another day. I was hoping to stock up on supplies that I cannot find locally but I will have to say that I am mostly disappointed in the selection of vendors. Most of them are selling quilt kits and very traditional fabrics or just a bunch of commercial fabrics. I will be saving a lot of money.

I did get over to the National Quilt  Museum today and saw Holis Chatelaine's exhibit. She does awesome work. I also found my way over to Carol Bryer Fallert's Studio and got the tour. It is a lovely place to take a class and Carol is very gracious about answering questions.
Tomorrow is another day with a list of things to do and people to see. The shuttle bus drivers are fantastic and very helpful. The venues are all over the place and some pretty far apart. I am glad I am here but I am not sure I will be back.
Early to bed for me tonight. I am still on another time zone.


Rayna said...

Hey!! One of these days I'll get there. In the meantime, go to Helene Davis' to look at her gorgeous fabrics,and go see Usha at Handloom Batik. Tell them both I send hugs.

congrats on getting into the show!!

Carole said...

Hi Sherryl.. sorry to hear the show is somewhat dsappointing... but Traditional is the world of quilts.
I am with you.. wish there were just 'art quilt shows'..
But, you will enjoy meeting the new people and shopping re: Rayna's suggestions.
Just have fun... talk when you get home.

Anonymous said...

I heard Helene and her husband opened up a studio and have a fiber exhibit in there. Rachel Biel told me about it. It's at 12th and Jefferson. You would probably enjoy that. I didn't make it there yesterday...ran out of time.