Thursday, October 15, 2015

London October 2015

I know, I haven't been posting to the blog..seems Facebook has taken over but I decided that give it a go today.


I have been in London for a few days now and finally over my jet lag. The trip has been nothing short of great. Quick story to set up the next bit. Last year when I was here, we went to see a Matinee and wandered into a restaurant for dinner. We did not have reservations but we were there when they opened for diner and they managed to seat us. The food was delicious. Fast forward a year....I made a lunch date with some local friends and was told the name of the restaurant but it didn't ring any bells. As soon as we walked in I recognized it. It turns out it is one of the hottest venues in London and usually requires making a reservation three months in advance. One of my friends has a daughter who works there and we were able to get in. The food was still delicious!

Today's activity was the Victoria and Albert Museum. I love this place. We saw two special exhibits..The Fabric of India, and Shoes.

Walking through the exhibit reminded me of our trip to India a few years ago. The textiles are stunning. I was again reminded of the painstaking work that goes into them. These are all hand made and could take days/months/years to complete. I almost bought another shawl but resisted this time. I took a photo of a gorgeous Sari as I walked in, the heard someone say to another group that photos weren't allowed...oops.

Time for a bite...scones and tea...then off to see the Shoes....Yikes...the things people put on their feet! It was fun though.

I love taking the is so easy.. The walk back to hotel was through a street market..I wish we had these at home.

Tonight is registration for the doll event I came for. Tomorrow we have scheduled High tea in the afternoon...haven't figured out yet what we are doing in the morning...depends on weather.