Sunday, August 14, 2011

A splurge

Just so no one thinks I am perfect.... we went out to dinner last night with a friend and I shared a piece of flourless chocolate cake 3 ways for dessert... plus about 6 oz of wine. I was really good on the carbs all day and even with the rich dessert, I think I was still within my limits... or 1 or 2 over. Gotta have some treats some of the time! This was my first splurge in 2 weeks. I figured I earned it. I was worth it.

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CarlaSue said...

Hi, I`ve become fascinated with your blog due to the carb thing. I`ve reduced my carbs with zero results and I`m hoping to see you succeed so that you might teach me where I`ve gone wrong, as I`ve seen so many success stories. I was 95 lbs soaking wet right up to menopause and have gained 15 lbs a year since. I`m now 150 which is WAY too much for my 5'2" frame. What the heck?