Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great customer service!

I have something nice to share about a company with superb customer service. In April I bought one of those hippy dippy coffee brewers by Keurig. I don't use it very often but decided today I wanted an iced drink. Worked fine this morning. I went to do it again and got an error message. Went through the troubleshooting directions to the letter and it still did not work. Since today was Sunday I figured I would either have to leave a message or get a recording to call back during regular business hours. Much to my surprise a live body (who spoke American) answered!!! He ran me through the troubleshooting instructions again and decided the machine had died. They are sending me a NEW one with a new full year warranty. How good is that???


Norma Schlager said...

I had a similar experience at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I bought a blender there about a year ago. I don't use it very often, just to make the occasional smoothie and pesto. It died recently and I had no box or receipt. Yet when I returned it they gave me full credit to put toward whatever I wanted. I got a better brand this time.

Rayna said...

Ah - these stories give one hope!