Friday, August 5, 2011

Masters Art Quilts Vol 2

I am lucky to be on the Lark review list for their Art Quilt books. Each one I get seems to get better and better. This one was no different. Martha Sielman has again put out a fantastic book to follow volume 1. There are 40 artists showcased in this second volume and each one makes you want to see their quilts in person. The group has an international flair and the artists hail from all over the globe. Their personal stories are fascinating and I wish there were more of them.
I am continually astounded at the creativity out there. Many of the artists in this book I had not heard of before so this was really an education for me. The variety of techniques used in these art quilts only makes me want to reach higher and higher. There were many aha moments as I looked at each picture and read the artists statements. Every time I look at the pictures I see more and more. It really cannot be fully enjoyed in one sitting but something savored a bit at a time. This is more than a lovely coffee table book. This is a book I can learn from.
I know quite a few of the included artists and of course I have my favorites, but now I have some favorites of ones I never heard of before. I waited a few days to post this as I had asked for photos of some of the pieces. Since I have not heard back yet, I decided to post my review anyway and I can add photos later. Some of my favorite artists include Jan Meyers-Newbury, Leslie Gabrielse, Elizabeth Busch, and Paula Nadelstern just to name a few.

The book is published by Lark Crafts which is a division of Sterling Publishing Co. You can buy it through Amazon. 


Diane Fergurson said...

Nice review! I love art quilts and, as a painter, find them to be an endless source of ideas and inspiration.

Marilyn said...

Great review, Sherryl. I am relatively new to art quilting and read everything I can get my hands on.