Thursday, June 30, 2011

More on Day 4

Poole is a large coastal town and resort on the English Channel in county Dorset in the south of England. It has gone through several incarnations over the centuries as its fortune has risen and fallen with the times. Between the 16th and early 19th centuries it was one of the most important shipping centers in the UK, having more trading ships to North America than any other English port. After the War of 1812 it saw a decline in trade and could not accommodate the new newer ships that required a deeper harbor. The beaches and beautiful landscapes of the south Dorset coast started to attract tourists in the mid 19th century. The villages to the east grew and merged and the result was the seaside resort of Bournemouth. During World War II, Poole was the 3rd largest embarkation point for D-Day landings and became an important base for supplies for Allied troops in Europe.

We actually stayed in Bournemouth at what was once probably a 5 star resort but is now a notch lower. They obviously redid the place but it was an adventure getting from our room to the lobby. It was like walking through a maze with lots of twists and turns. The hallways were very narrow and probably would never pass code here in the states. I wanted to leave a trail of crumbs so I could find my way back to our room! The room was nice with a wonderful balcony looking out to sea. The bathroom was very modern and even had a skylight.

We had a reservation for dinner with one of Ned's associates and his lovely wife at one of the other local resorts right on the water. We got there only to find out that there had been a fire in the kitchen and the electricity was off... somehow, our host never got the message. Alternate plan worked out well.

We are hoping for continued good weather tomorrow.

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