Monday, June 20, 2011

Another adventure

This seems to be my time to travel. I got home from the excitement of my new grandson just in time to get a haircut and pack to leave the following day for a trip with hubby to the UK. This was pretty much last minute as he had to see some clients in the UK and asked if I wanted to tag along...such a silly question. The perks of his traveling so much is the accumulation of miles so I can go free. We couldn't get the same flights but that was OK. He arrived first and managed a nap then returned to pick me up. I hadn't been to the UK in 42 years...I now remember why. The weather has been lousy. Day 1 Ned had a meeting in South Wales. We met a coworker for lunch then I checked into the hotel and crashed. When Ned got back we drove to Usk and walked around. It stays light pretty late now so we had lots of time to explore. It is a lovely and quaint town with charming little cottages and gorgeous gardens. I love the wildness of the English gardens. Ned was looking for an old pub he used to haunt but it turns out it was recently bought and under has been turned into a private residence. We found a nice restaurant and dinner was most excellent. Sometime in the past 42 years the English have learned to cook. We shared a chicken and liver pate that may have been the best I have ever eaten...I could have made it my main course. I had sliced duck breast cooked to perfection but I couldn't finish it. The portions were huge. I had a wonderful hard cider instead of wine. Everything is so lush and green but the Brits claim they have been having a drought. We seemed to have brought the rain with us!

P.S. I am adding more pictures.. I could only upload 1 from ipad... there must be an app that allows more than one... I am also starting a gallery of pictures from the trip. LINK

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Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

That photo with the rainbow is fantastic! Hope you have fun on your trip.