Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 4 Drive down to Poole

Woohoo! We had some sunshine this morning for our drive south to Poole where Ned had a meeting. We were also going to have dinner with an associate and his wife.

The countryside looks so much better with clear skies! The field of poppies was so cheerful.

We stopped in Lower Slaughter.. no it has nothing to do with animals. The old English word Slough or Slothre means muddy place, but that seems to have been cleared up. The village is quite small but incredibly lovely. The main attraction is an old mill with a working water wheel. The mill has been converted into a gift shop with cafe. The bathrooms are in an outhouse BUT these outhouses are more luxurious than some of the facilities in restaurants! I unfortunately left the camera with Ned so no pics of these. We walked around a bit taking advantage of the lack of rain and had a snack.

This is sheep country!

Next stop Poole.

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deanna7trees said...

I always enjoy your commentary and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.