Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 3 UK

Sunday morning...and it is pouring out. Weather forecast is pretty grim for today. The rain is coming down so hard that even the locals are in shock. The UK has been experiencing a drought for the past several months and we seem to have broken that spell. Lucky us. Everything is lush and green around us so I am not sure of their definition of drought, however, the farmers are ecstatic. Left to my own devices, I would be curled up with a good book, but hubby has dragged me out of bed. Maybe the sun will come out later?

No such luck today. It poured pretty much non stop today. We did do a lot of driving around but only got out of the car a few times. I am told that they had more rain today than they usually get in a month. Not an exciting day for sure. The Cotswolds are lovely. I really wish we could have walked around some of the villages. They were charming... but I am not one to get soaked. We did manage to pop into a few antique shops while dodging the rain in Chipping Norton and Morton-in-Marsh. Don't you just love these names? The thatched roof cottages are so adorable.

Many of the restaurants are closed tonight (Sunday) so we grabbed a "meal" at a local pub. The picture should tell it's own story. I had grave reservations as we pulled into the parking lot. They were validated -:(.

We are driving south to Poole tomorrow. Let's hope the weather improves.

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