Saturday, May 3, 2008


I spent the morning gardening before it got too late. My roses are in wonderful bloom. I then tackled my study in blue green. I pulled out the Stewart Gill paints I have been staring at since Houston but never opened, and just played with the colors. I knew the effect I wanted but have never used the different types of paint that came in my set. I wound up using Colourise, Pearlise, Alchemy, and Metamica. What fun! Here is the result. I still need to fix the top right corner. I am going to add more stitching and make it more grass like and then add other bits of it in other places to balance it out. It will not get painted. This piece is starting to grow on me. It is 8.5" x 12". Not sure what I will do with it when I get it done. I will probably put a cord around the edge and bind to the back. I do not think a border will add to this but I will audition something when I get there.
Tomorrow is another day.

Thanks everyone who left comments and also wrote me privately. I appreciate you all.


pcoxdesign said...

Even better!!

Rachel Murphree said...

It's really lovely!

Pat said...

I love the dimensionality created by the vertical placement of the flowers and floating rectangles. It is like a meditation piece of feeling suspended.


Carole said...

Sherryl, this is so incredible...I just love it! You should be so pleased!