Thursday, May 15, 2008

It doesn't take much to make me happy.

My new washer arrived and I have started dyeing again, mostly yards and half yard pieces. I did a 2 color multi hued 6 piece set that I love and a 3 color parfait that is awesome. I did some solid pieces as well. I have 2 dogs, woof, that I can live without. One, I can probably overdye as it came out pretty blah. It is a very pale pink with very light green highlights. Not my style. The other is very pale apricot to peach that is pretty but too light for me. I may think about selling some of these. I have taken pretty good notes and can probably duplicate the colors if not the colorations and designs on almost all of these. Thanks to Deb Lacativa, I have a gorgeous red piece. She very generously shared her recipe. I still have lots of dye left and lots of fabric, but I ran out of steam. Ironing them is a bitch. I want a mangle!!! Enjoy the eye candy. You can see larger images if you click here.


Beverly said...

I agree, there is nothing more satisfying than hand-dyeing fabric. You have some beautiful yardage, I especially like your yellow to green gradation. And if the orangey toned one in the album is the 'dog' you mentioned, I like that one too! Nice work, have fun this summer!

ann said...

Gorgeous! This fabric is beauty on it's own. I would have a hard time cutting into it until I got a BIG stash.