Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lizard Love

We live out in the desert and we have all sorts of critters, including several types of lizards. I was doing some work in my courtyard today and noticed a whole bunch of activity in the bedding area and saw more movement than usual. The lizards are pretty use to us and tend not to run off but I don't usually see them chasing each other around. For hours these 2 were following each other and chasing one another. I think it is mating season. They were good enough to pose for me.

The downside to living out where we do is the threat of fire in the summer. We had 2 wet winters and the brush and weeds have been going gangbusters. We have been working hard to clear the area around the house out. When we get dry lightening, I start bouncing off the walls. This is going to be a very bad season for fires.

I have some planting chores ahead of me. We bought a seedless grape vine and a climbing rose to go in the back along with my other 12 rose bushes. I had previously ordered a Brugmansia seedling and one of Iochroma.. they arrived yesterday and have to be potted in LARGE pots. I lost my marbles and bought some Basil plants. I love making Pesto but the plants seem to grow faster than I can make it. Does anyone know if you can freeze Basil leaves to make into Pesto later? I freeze the Pesto in portion sizes and can use it all winter.

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Blaise and Cathie Recca - Carolina Pines Realty, LLC said...

Hi Sher! You can freeze Pesto once you make it -- but from experience -- NO - you can't freeze basil and then make pesto later -- it's too limp. You can freeze Basil successfully for use in sauce, etc. if you dip it into water first then freeze it (it retains it's flavor better) but not if you want to chop it up -- like for use in pesto. It's nice having so much basil you can't use it all -- isn't it!!!