Sunday, March 23, 2008

The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la

Its finally spring here in Scottsdale, Arizona and the wild flowers are putting on a show. My ficus and apricot trees are starting to leaf out and my dwarf orange is starting to bud. The roses will be another week as I did a hatchet job on them several weeks ago. Some photos to make you smile.

I am going to sit outside and do some hand work on the pieces I have created in Pamela Allen's class.


yarngoddess said...

Thanks for the blooming desert. I grew up in Arizona. Miss the mountains the most. Next time, mountain vistas, okay?
The lesson pieces look really great. I might have to sign up for the next class with Pamelala.

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

oh, now that's just teasing those of us in the north who are waiting for the snow to clear out and STAY out ggggggg.

Wonderful flowers tho!