Thursday, March 20, 2008

2nd lesson with Pamela Allen

I sort of got caught up if you don't count that I have not stitched anything! Lesson #2 had us use 2 colors.....either analogous or complimentary to create something. I chose to do a landscape this time. I still have to stitch this one down but at least I will be able to start lesson #3 tomorrow and go back and do stitching during the week. This class has been so much fun. Pamela is a great teacher. This is the first online class I have taken and I like the format. While I also enjoy live classes I find I tend to get distracted because I am curious about how others are doing things. Just call me nosey! It is the Gemini in me. I am also very visual and in this format I can go back and see things as necessary. I need to go back and iron my fabrics!!


Claudia said...

Wow Sherryl That is beautiful :) I want to copy it! (okay not really but it's inspiring) excellent!

Nikki said...

Love the bright hot colors with the touch of purple. A wonderful contrast to the cold grey days around here.