Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wounds of war.

Turns out I am a klutz. I practiced for the first time today with the crutches... they and I are not going to be friends. Looks like I would have to learn a whole new set of balances... not happening. In my first foray down the hallway towards the car (the goal) I fell and scraped my right ankle on my cast. Didn't break the skin. The area that is black and blue is from repeated hitting of a nut that protrudes from the back wheel of the scooter. I don't always judge the distance properly and keep whacking my ankle.
The good news is that I didn't break anything other than a nail when I fell.  If Ned is not home I don't need the crutches except to get in and out of the car... I can leave them by the car and use the scooter to get into the garage as I have been doing. I can leave the scooter in the garage for when I come back. The only place I will go is to play bridge and they have a wheel chair some one can come get me with and return me to the car at the end. This I can do. We practiced this a few times this morning.

We had this great red wine on Sunday night when we went out to dinner. It is a red blend from California. Going out to dinner was a trip and a half. Not only did we need to find someplace that had the space to allow me to put my foot up but we needed a spot that our friend could put her leg up as well. She had knee replacement surgery a month ago. Two gimps! Thankfully, the restaurant was very accommodating. The wine went quite well with the chocolate mousse we all shared for desert as well.

And yesterday's craziness... can you tell I am bored? Just call me Gypsy!

One week from today I get the stitches taken out, an x-ray, and a new cast.

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