Saturday, November 15, 2014

Brekfast in bed... it ain't all its cracked up to be.

I am really not good at being so dependent. One would think this would be awesome having someone else do all the work and just delivering it to you. Maybe some people like it... I don't. But I also have little choice. Waiting the arrival today of the basket to go on my scooter. That will give me a bit more freedom to do things since I cannot carry anything, needing 2 hands for the scooter. I might be able to do a few simple things in the kitchen but I cannot stand too long on one foot. Meal planning has to be done in advance (probably not a bad thing) since hubby is now the shopper and the chef. At least I will be able to get myself something to drink and some fruit.

Ned has really been doing a great job of taking care of me.... I am just not a good patient. I don't like having to wait to get things done.

I haven't figured out how to shower alone... not happening either. We have a large walk-in shower but it has a lip on it. I cannot get over it without help. I thought of using crutches but the idea that I could slip on the wet tiles kind of negates that thought.

My foot seems to need to be elevated almost all the time. We took an outing to the Supermarket the other day and I used one of the motorized carts... 40 minutes of that and my foot started to swell up. Maybe in time it won't do that but right now that is very limiting. I can go to the bridge club to play as long as Ned can drive me.  In theory I can drive but I cannot get the scooter in and out of the car on my own. Will need to practice on those crutches.

Hand work on my quilt is the activity for the day.

The weather is gorgeous and there is sun.. what more could I want?

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