Saturday, June 14, 2014

Miscelaneous blog

The last few weeks have been exciting..or not.. depending on how you look at life.

I traveled to New Jersey to help my grandson celebrate his third birthday. Where has the time gone? I got very lucky and the weather was spectacular. I also got unlucky and managed to break a bone in my right foot. But it is hard to keep me down for long and while I wasn't able to do everything I wanted, I still managed to do and see, gimpy or not. Two of my friends came to pick me up and take me for lunch and I had fun playing with Will. The disappointing part is that I went shoe shopping with my daughter, Robin and bought some killer shoes that I will not be able to wear till the end of July.. bummer!

I got home just in time for Ned to leave on a trip but we stocked the house with food so I am not starving... I have been playing some bridge and playing with dolls. Life is better with the boot on than off. I will go visit the local orthopedist in a week and see what he has to say.

Here are some photos of the past 2 weeks. Enjoy.
First B'day present

Robin and Will
Will's birthday party was held at a local kids gym.

With Nana Laurie and girlfriend Joyce
Robin, Brett, and birthday boy

My latest fashion accessory
At the park
Some Dolly fun time
Last night's full honey moon

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aquabluerose said...

Such a dear & precious little boy, dear Sherryl!
Loved seeing these happy photos!!
Thanks for sharing!