Monday, May 12, 2014

No climate change.....

My Gardenia bush started to bloom over a week ago... at least a full month earlier than usual... but there is no climate change right???

And the Suquaro's  which also do not usually bloom till the end of May  were starting to bloom in mid April. No climate change.

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Grate Lady said...

Hi Sherry,
I rediscovered you on an older blog post of mine and checked out your web site about the BECA Competition.
You are #3 and I am # 12.
My favorites in your gallery are the Ginkoes in the Wind, Sunflowers and Serenity. Great patterns.
I also shared your website with a quilter friend of mine.
Even though I do manhole art, I love flowers too.
I wish my Gardenias were flourishing like yours.
Please say hello on my web site.
"Grate Wishes" for your continued creativity.
Bobbi Mastrangelo