Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time warp

Seems like my muse has been on vacation along with me.... but longer. She decided to make a short appearance so I grabbed on. While waiting for my grandson to be born, I had the opportunity to visit with Rayna Gillman and take her one day workshop on screenprinting using paper as a resist with paints. I decided that one of the pieces had some potential even though it is not my usual style. I stenciled more paint on it and will add some hand stitching before I figure out how to finish it. At least it is something to work on for a change! Gotta start somewhere.

If you click on the thumbnail, it will come up in full size and you will get a better idea of the piece.


pcoxdesign said...

Interesting piece and a much bolder color scheme than your usual! Change is good! I like it.

Gerrie said...

I like it. It could be paired with more red or blue for an interesting composition.

elljay said...

Sherryl, I love this piece. What kind of paint did you use?