Thursday, July 14, 2011


I decided today that along with a haircut I needed a bit of funky in my life.  I am not into tattoo's... I can't imagine what they would look like with wrinkles, and I not into piercings. I decided a bit of color in my hair was about my speed..... as long as the color was lavender. I kind of like it. Not sure how long it will last as my hair does not hold color. Here is the result.


Susan said...

Hey, great idea. I must remember this when I want to spice up my grey hair. You look great!

People of Bangalow said...

Oh so lovely, swish, sharp and...just some hoops, or strawberry hearts off those ears. Thanks

Terri Stegmiller said...

Well that looks like a great way to have fun, just as your blog name indicates!

Vivian Helena said...

I love the hair color, I would like to do that over a strip of my gray, but have not been brave yet.
I tried to connect through Facebook, but could not from your blog, also the "contact" did not go any where.
Maybe I ask you how you got the delightful photos of other blogs on yours site... I like how those show.
Enjoy your day!
Enjoyed your blog and seeing your trip. vivian