Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quilt National 2011 book

I have the good fortune to be on Lark Books list to review certain Art Quilt books and it was a pleasant surprise to find a copy of "Quilt National 2011" sitting in front of my door when I returned from my trip. Until now I have not had the time to really read through the book and I am glad I waited.

Quilt National is an international juried quilt exhibition held every 2 years at the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio. 85 quilts are ultimately chosen from hundreds of entries by 3 jurors. I would not want to be in their shoes. "The Quilt National 2011" book is a photographic feast of those quilts that were chosen to be in the show this year. Two years ago I was able to visit the Dairy Barn for the 2009 show. It was very impressive. I am sure this years show is no less so.

Each piece is professionally photographed and a description of the materials used and a short statement about the piece is included. The pieces chosen encompass the world of contemporary surface design and traditional quilting techniques. Almost half the pieces chosen were by newer artists that had not been in any previous Quilt National shows. It is nice to see that so many innovative quilts were chosen that did not depend on heavy traditional quilting techniques.

Some of the artists are Kate Themel, Elin Noble, Jean M. Evans, Marianne R. Williamson, Judy Kirpich (cover artist), Gay E. Lasher, Patty Hawkins, Jan Myers-Newbury, and Mary E. Stoudt.  These are just a handful of the great artists in this book and I just picked the names at random.

This book is a must have for your library.  You will enjoy the variety of styles chosen for this years biennial event and perhaps inspire you.

Perhaps there is hope for me yet!

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