Saturday, February 27, 2010

Raise a toast to bloggers!

I love blogging and I am happy to see the progress of my online buddies via their blogs as well. I am also happy to celebrate the 333rd blog post of one of my friends Wil Opio Oguta , who is giving away one of her beautiful snow dyed fabrics to some lucky winner if you post a comment on her blog. Hope I win!

I finally cut into some of the lovely fabric I dyed last week.. we didn't bleed! Sometimes it is hard to make that first cut... the fabric is so luscious looking that I just want to pet it . Yep, I am probably nuts, but I know I am in good company.

My Darth Vader respirator arrived yesterday so next week I am going to attack (discharge) the piece of ugly freeze dyed fabric.. it has a cousin that has been sitting in my closet for 8 months. Watch out! I am going to beat them into shape.

Overcast and chilly here but it beats snow.

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