Saturday, October 31, 2009

Silkscreening with Colorhue dyes

Today was part 3 of playing with Colorhue silk dyes. I pulled out my favorite Ginkgo leaf silkscreen and shaving cream and went to work.  This was much easier than using stencils. It goes very fast and a little goes a long way. This could get addictive! I had some left over dye solution from the other day so I twisted scarf #3 and dumped it in a small container. I didn't want to dilute the colors more and there wasn't much left ( I suppose I could have added more dye) but I poured it on. It really doesn't spread a lot and there are still some white areas. I normally do not like white but it looks OK here so I might leave it.... or I could add a bit of gold paint... I will think on this.

I think I have to go order some scarves!


Gerrie said...

Oh cool! I have to try this.

Jamie Fingal said...

Very beautiful colors and designs - you are such an inspiration!

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Sherryl - You've convinced me to try the Colorhue dyes - your results are yummy!