Friday, May 15, 2009


My latest wonky piece has a name thanks to some help from online buddies. I have decided to call it "In the Eyes of Chaos". Very fitting for this piece.
I have started work on another something or other. I was playing around with using paint on fabric in November and was not terribly happy with any of the results. Maybe it was timing, but I did not have the patience to really focus on it. The results were 2 pieces of crap with color on them. One has some potential down the road, the other was slated for the rag pile but it got a reprieve. I decided to slice it up and sew it back together again. It has some possibilities but I have already nixed 3 ideas. It has been screaming at me that it wants to be an underwater scene but it isn't what I wanted to do. Of course nothing else I come up with is working.... so we all know what it eventually will be. Now I just have to figure out a way to go with it.

Yummy dinner last night... my hubby hates mushrooms but he is in China on a biz trip. I bought some Portobello mushrooms and some arugula at the store the other day and last night I marinated the mushrooms with oil, garlic, and hot pepper flakes then grilled it. Set it over a bed of arugula and poured the rest of the marinade over it. mmmmm mmmmm good.

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