Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fish story

I did more work on my resurrected piece today. I finally listened to it and caved in about it being an underwater scene. Being lazy and also not wanting to invest a whole bunch of time in this, I cheated and used some mylar fish stickers I found in a drawer. I also added more paint to the piece. I had several options of adhering the fish to the fabric but I took the easy way out... it was also an experiment. I added a layer of netting over the entire piece fused down with Misty Fuse. I was concerned about the mylar melting but a low setting on the iron did the trick. I like the added texture the netting gives the piece. I tossed some more paint on top of the netting and I declare it done..... now I just have to figure out how to quilt it without ruining it. Yes, some of the fish blend in and you need to be close to see them.... it is intentional. My objection to the piece is that there is not enough value contrasts to the colors. It is what it is. The mylar is shiney and no matter what I do, I get some reflection spots. When I get it done, I will set it up properly and photograph again.


Carole said...

Sherryl... this piece is quite different than the previous post.
I rather like it with the fishes prominent and the Mylar bits flashing..
With the addition of the fish it changes the piece entirely.///
at least to my eye...
The overlay is OK too, it does not distract.

Vivien Zepf said...

I like the addition of the fish; they add a bit of whimsy to it. They're not too big to be overwhelming, but they bring you in for a closer look. Good idea.