Monday, August 6, 2007

In the limelight

Today has been a good day. My limes came out the way I wanted them to... I got them on the 2nd try. The first one is a bright Kelly green...... hmmmmm, also not one of my favorite colors but that is ok... I actually learned alot from that one. I also did up a multi color from some left overs I didn't use.... no picture yet... it just came out of the washer.

I am also celebrating today. I am 10 years cancer free. Whoooopie!


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Jill Smith said...

I have jst had a look at the rest of your blog and you dye fabric very good but the quilt with the ladies still gets my big vote, its great
Well have to as a busy day even though its bank holiday in the uk but have to do some shiborie dying and some distance classes to get out to a lady in the us