Tuesday, August 28, 2007

By George I've done it.

Woohooo, Dance! is done. It will not win any awards for quilting but at least I did not screw it up. I am happy with the results and may just have to buy this back at auction!!!
This is my last project for a while... I am leaving on vacation tomorrow morning. Hope to post some good photos. We are going to be driving through parts of Croatia and Slovenia. I have never been there before and I am looking forward to it.

Thanks to everyone for the public and private notes of encouragement. I am a neophyte at this but I love to try new things.


Wild Thread Studio said...

This is beautiful! Congratulations!

Barb Forrister said...

This quilt really imparts a feeling of joy and happiness. I love the women dancing with the hills behind them. Great sense of depth. Your quilt is beautiful.

Anonymous said...


I love the movement in this, you really caught a moment in time. Congrats.

Jillian from North Dakota

Nikki said...

Beautiful. I love the colors and movement.