Friday, February 5, 2010

Sneak Peak

I am finally feeling human after being laid low the past week by a bad head cold. I can only hope I licked this one and it won't develop into something worse.
I have been trying to work on a piece I started at the end of the summer but got put on hold. I have been making some progress and yesterday and today feel like I am heading in the right direction with it. Here is a sneak peak. I am doing both hand and machine work on this.
I am really trying to focus more and find that a schedule works best for me.  There have been some discussions of late on other blogs about finding time to work on art. For me, if I don't have a block of time penciled in I find a zillion excuses for doing other things. I find that a set routing every morning really helps. After I get up, I peruse the days news and my email, check on my Google reader for the blogs that I follow which have been updated, check into Facebook and see what is new there and now have added Twitter to this routine. By now I am awake enough to eat some breakfast. I cannot drink coffee (caffeine does not like me) so I don't get that jolt in the morning. Now I am ready to face my studio and what ever I have on tap at the moment. I try for a minimum of 1 hour a day. Thankfully, when I get in the groove that can easily stretch into many many more hours. Some days it means I may be just doing some clean up... I tend to work in a chaotic state and my space looks like the latest tornado blew through. I get easily distracted by the latest and greatest techniques or books I want to read. Focusing on finishing things rather than just starting them is my goal for this year.


Gerrie said...

I am working in chaos right now so I relate. I am trying to get 2 quilts done for our Bird's Eye View show. I have to turn them in on the 16th for jurying. So I have just announced to Mr C that I must spend most of my time in the studio this month.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Beautiful the handstitching adds such a nice tough.

Christine Thresh said...

That is just lovely.

Cynthia Wenslow said...

I think it's turning out great, Sherryl!