Friday, February 6, 2015

Yep, I have been quiet again

Nothing much to discuss. The healing of my foot is taking much longer than I anticipated with plenty more to go. I didn't think when I went into this that it would take so long. There is nothing I am doing that is wrong. It just takes a long time to heal. PT is a necessity and it helps but it will be close to a year before my foot and leg are back to 100%. My husband says his double knee replacement was easier and he is right.
I no longer need a brace (unless I want to walk around Costco) but I do need my cane. I limp and my balance is not great. I lost pretty much all the muscle tone in my left leg and ankle. I am working hard to get it back but it is a bitch.

Still waiting on the twins.. they should be here within a few weeks. Robin of course wants it over yesterday.

I had a very bad case of conjunctivitis last week.. not sure where I picked it up from but I think my eyes are finally back to normal.

I found myself a new series to read and of course I get single minded when that happens and devour the books. "In the Wilderness" series by Sara Donati. It is a 6 book series and well written. It takes place mostly in New York state with some side trips to Montreal and New Orleans.  The story spans about 40 years from the late 1790's to 1840's. We haven't really progressed a human beings.

I am thinking about a new project and flowers come to mind. There is a piece I made in the 1970's that is screaming for more variations. I see lots floral pieces around these days and lest someone think I am stealing their idea, here is a photo of the piece I did. Obviously there are no new ideas... just reworked old ones.
Brenda... I am not copying you!  This was done with silks and satins and different weights of embroidery floss.

It is sunny and in the 80's here. Perfect winter weather.

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Vicki W said...

I read those Donation books a few years ago. I loved them!