Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Doing a happy dance.....

well not quite but close. Went to the Dr. this morning to have stitches removed and an X-Ray to see how the foot was healing. Was not looking forward to another cast. I apparently was a very good patient and followed orders.... and am healing well. Sooooo.. I got a boot instead of a cast! Yay!. I can only walk on my heel for the next 2 weeks but at least I can now take a shower by myself and manage some other small things. I still need to pretty much stay off my foot and still keep it elevated and iced. Timing is perfect. Ned has to go to China for a week and is leaving on Friday morning. A bit less stressful for both of us.

I hate Traders Joe's. We did some grocery shopping (I am a menace in a motorized cart) on the way home and they had Chocolate Peppermint Bark.. I had to buy some which means I will have to eat it. 

I cannot thank my husband enough for the wonderful care.  Ned, you have gone beyond what I expected and continue to surprise me. 

Now that I have mastered the scooter, I get to master a cane and a walker. Not sure which will be better for the next two weeks.

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