Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mango Blueberry ice pops

I am really sorry I didn't get the bigger unit. These pops are addictive.... and they are healthy!

Today's concoction is Mango, blueberry, lime pops. I blended fresh mango, blueberries, some lime juice, and a bit of almond milk to make up 8 oz of liquid.
This made up 4 pops with a bit of liquid left over.... so I drank it! I haven't tasted the pops but the liquid sure was good :-). I am sure all of these recipes could be used in a mold maker rather than the Zoku. I don't measure much.. just eyeball stuff and taste as I go along. These pops are not particularly sweet as I am trying not to add sugar. I would imagine yogurt would add to the creaminess but I cannot eat frozen yogurt. These really take no time at all to make But they did need 8 minutes for the first batch and 9 for the second to freeze up. Still a pretty short time.

I am planning on picking up the set of extra sticks when we go out this afternoon.... if we get out. At the moment we are having a wild monsoon storm. The rain is coming down in sheets and I would imagine that it would sting the skin if we were out in it.  The temperature has dropped but it feels like Florida.... muggy as all get out.

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