Sunday, July 14, 2013

A bit of excitement

On July 2, my hubby had a double knee replacement. Needless to say I was very concerned about his rehab. I fully expected him to have to go to a rehab facility from the hospital and had these visions of god knows what in my head. All I can say is that Ned should be the poster child for his surgeon!

I spent the first night with him in the hospital... he was losing a lot of blood and it scared the crap out of me. They usually have patients up and walking the first afternoon. Because of his blood loss and low blood pressure that didn't happen. I am amazed at the advances in medical science. They now capture your own blood and can transfuse it back to you within a certain period of time. Ned got 2 + liters of his own blood back. He lost a lot more but time ran out so they had to boost him back. Next day they had him up and walking. He did rather well and seemed to have made up for lost time! Day 2 was even better. No rehab facility needed for him. He had the surgery on Tuesday morning and was discharged Friday afternoon!

Physical Therapy was arranged for home as was a passive motion machine that bends the knees, walker, compression hose, elevated toilet seat, shower chair, and 2 ice machines. He went home with meds for everything... normal pain, nerve pain, blood thinners, anti inflammatories. It seemed like a walking pharmacy! PT guy came on Saturday to do an eval..... Ned was at least 3 weeks ahead of most single knee replacement patients. He was doing all the exercises he was assigned and staying on top of his pain. He could bend his knees further than the passive machine did so he ditched that early. He was really working hard. It was impossible to keep him home! We have been to the bridge club almost every day! By midweek he ditched the walker and was using a cane. He really doesn't even need it but uses it to humor me! After the 4th visit the PT told him he was doing too well for home visits. He needed to move up to outpatient. Surgeon sees him on Thursday to remove staples and to decide what he does to continue his rehab.

He has already started to wean off the pain meds. I am truly impressed with him.

I am exhausted! I think the hardest is getting his stockings on every day. Showers are fun too as his legs need to be waterproofed. However, he is is standing and not sitting. I got a no skid mat for the shower floor.  We have this down to a real science by now! He won't be able to drive for about 2 months so my major job these days is chauffeur.

His youngest son is coming for a visit next week and will spell me for a bit while I go have some fun playing with dollies. When I get back I will also get back to the quilt I am making for my grandson.

Having gone through this with him, I would definitely recommend having 2 done at once rather than one and one. You get it all over with sooner! It is a lot of extra work for the caregiver but worth it. Well, Ned is worth it. Love you hon.

I am looking forward to his being able to walk again. It has really put a huge damper on what we were able to do together. We actually went to the mall for a bit yesterday... they had motorized carts available for free so he didn't have to walk too far. The grocery store is on tap for later. You can't keep a good man down!

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