Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday in Mobile, Al

This mornings activity was play time. We were given large sheets of tar paper and paints and "hazmat" suits! We were to do some sea creature. I am not a painter but had some fun none the less. Fiona was trying to give me directions while I worked on my fish. After we were all through the piece was sealed with shellac for us. I wish I had used some lighter colors in the background. The finished piece (which I have not photographed) came out rather dark. There were extra suits so I brought some home to use in my dye studio.
Melinda Sapp and me

We all had fun. I am thinking of perhaps trying this technique out on heavier tar paper and sealing both front and back and using it for a runner or small mat on the floor. I think a nice geometric pattern would not be beyond my talents.

Across from the arts center was this wild and wacky house built by one of the local artists, Dean Mosher and his father in law, Craig Sheldon. It reminds me of a house that should be occupied by hobbits or some fantastical mythical creatures. The outside is really a hoot. Embedded in the outside cement is all manner of weird stuff... wine bottles, broken pottery, and anything that most of us would have thought to throw out. The inside is not quite so fantastical as the outside but has some wonderful woodwork and metal work. While it is fun to look at, it would not be a place I would be comfortable living. It has too much going on.
 Lunch was at a local private marina that was decimated in hurricane Katrina and completely rebuilt. After lunch we were let loose shopping. I found some wonderful artsy clothes at a local boutique including this colorful vest... It was very windy that evening... and no, I was not wearing a cat suit.

Dinner was a typical southern style barbeque with all sorts of fried seafood... deadly for my diet. ( I somehow managed not to gain any weight on this trip). The following morning was free before we headed home and I hit the gym and treadmill.

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