Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tidbits from today

Will is the cutest...he doesn't stop moving for a second and He is all smiles.

Today I met up with Rayna Gillman and we went into Manhattan. Our initial plan was to go to the memorial park at Ground Zero. It turns out you need tickets and you have to reserve them weeks in advance. We went anyway hoping we could get some last minute. Luck wasn't with us.

We took the PATH from Newark to the World Trade center. This lovely mural greeted us as we exited.

We managed to see a corner of one of the waterfalls from the pedestrian bridge. Thankfully I now have some new memories to replace the scenes of horror.

The weather was glorious so we decided to just walk around. Here are some shots of the Occupy Wall Street. Every news station was there.

And a few blocks away....

I love all the old art deco buildings. They have such charm. Here is a small bronze plaque above a doorway.

A bit further up Broadway is City Hall Park. We got excited as there was a structural art exhibit installation. This was the first sight that treated us.

Our excitement was short lived. The rest of it looked very similar to a bunch of white stackable boxes you would get at IKEA.

The afternoon passed rather quickly and it was time to go home. I invited Rayna back for dinner and to meet my daughter and grandson. It was a good day.

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