Friday, February 11, 2011

February is Pamela Allen month

Some of us got lucky (again) and Pamela Allen decided to do another online class this month. First assignment was to find a piece of art one liked and using the same palette of colors copy it... Ok.. no screams here.. we are using it for a lesson! The 2nd step was to use the same fabrics and make an abstract design, and the 3rd step was to make a still life using the same fabrics. I used a piece by Ovanes Berberian called Sunset 1.
The still life is still a work in progress but I am finally doing Something after a long hiatus.

I also decided to go through my stash of my own fabrics and get rid of those I probably will never use. I am going to be doing more dyeing in March ... I will need more room! They are up for sale at

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