Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yep, I have been very quiet. I have been hit with some major dental issues (they continue) and my back problems have returned neither which is conducive to my creative juices. :-(. I have a piece that is ready for quilting but I haven't been able to do it. I missed a deadline as a result. Bummer.

On the bright side, I bought an ipad 3G and have been having a blast setting it up and getting to know it. If you can be in love with a piece of tech, then I am. I am really looking forward to taking this with me when I travel instead of having to schlep my laptop. No, this will not take the place of a computer, but if I don't have to do serious work, then the ipad will work just fine. You can create and edit documents and excel files, you can read news from all the major players, you can organize your life up the wazoo, and best for me... you can read books. I will no longer have to carry a bunch of heavy books on my trips. It has a 10 hour battery life which will get me through most flights and a screen I can actually read. I put a passcode lock on it in case I lose it or it gets stolen and I registered it at which is free. Mobileme will allow me to track it (and my iphone) if it goes missing and will allow a complete data wipe if necessary. Of course it also has my favorite games to wile away the time. Most of the apps are free, but I shelled out a few bucks for a couple. I haven't signed up for the 3G part yet as I have managed to find free wifi locally so far. I am not a fan of AT&T and I am hoping someone else gets the next iphone... but if they don't, I might consider giving up my iphone when my contract is up. I get ZERO reception at my house with AT&T. Verizon works here and with my ipad I will not need all the neat stuff on my iphone. I can go back to just having a simple phone.... of course since I am a tech junkie, I am sure Apple will come out with something fantastic with the next generation and I will want it. Sigh.

Now I just need to figure out how I can go back to playing without killing my back. I suspect a trip to the back doctor is going to be in my not too distant future. What he did 2+ years ago worked... maybe time for it again.

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