Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ignoring the fear

Every time I have to do free motion stitching on something I have an anxiety attack... I have let a piece sit for the past 2 months because it needed some thread painting. There was a discussion recently on the Quilt Art list about fear and how it hampers us and some wise folks just piped up and said basically just get over it and do it!!! So I held my breath and did it. It wasn't bad! I had painted and stenciled these grasses and flowers but they got lost in the piece. I knew I had to add some stitching to them to make them stand out more. I finally just sat down and did the work I needed to do. This is just a small piece of it. I also added some French knots for a bit of color. Maybe now I will do the work I need to finish this piece up.

No Strep.. yea! Just tired. Seems some crud is going around and it hit me too.


norma said...

I like what I see, can't wait to view the whole thing. On my last piece, I also had fear of quilting, rare for me. But I just had to sit down and do it.

Bunny said...

Hi Sherryl, you have to have a couple of glasses of wine before you free motion LOL. That is my cure. I did buy a BLine frame but have only my Janome 1600P so it is limiting but have quilted a couple of quilts on it. Wish I could get a machine with a larger arm. Love your new ventures in quilting, great job.