Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back Home

Oh, I guess I never mentioned that I was away. I just spent a week in Irvine, California visiting some friends. It was a busy, but good week. I got to meet Jamie Fingal who gave me a tour of her spectacular studio and then we went to lunch and a walk around her lovely town. I played most of the week. I did some fun painting and stenciling on some ummm, undergarments for a young lady and I made her a vest with fish appliques. I cooked up feasts for my friends who don't bother to cook for themselves.... of course there was a glass of wine to go along with the food. For those foodies, the menu consisted of risotto with asparagus, pasta with garlic and oil, chicken cutlets, steak au pauvre, and grilled lamb chops. We had a wonderful berry crisp last night for dessert.
I was asked to "fix" an old silk flower arrangement..... I told my GF to take out all the flowers she didn't want any more.... hahah, she left 4 flowers in! We went shopping for new ones and I spent the afternoon creating a new arrangement. This is the almost final result. I ran out of time and we still need some leaves on the bottom. I will fill those in next time I am there.
I will get back to my project this week.