Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Day/Bad Day

The day started off real well... found out my stepson is in Kuwait on the way home from Iraq, YEA! We can sleep better now. I also got back to working on my Geisha piece and was making good progress when I noticed my cat was after something in the hallway. Since he is usually a wimp I wasn't too concerned but I did get up to look. SNAKE!!! I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes and I could feel my blood pressure go through the roof. I managed to think quickly before panic totally set in and tossed a trash can over it and added a rock on top for good measure. I never even saw what kind it was. I then called the fire department which, thankfully, comes and removes them. The snake was about the width of a pencil and about 18" .. but it had coiled up so I am not sure of the size. I left the room when it was removed and I did not ask what they did with it. I suspect it is in pieces in my garbage can. They told me they thought it was a red racer which is not poisonous but I am still a basket case no matter what it was. There are days (like today) I wonder why we live out in the dessert.
It is going to take me hours to settle down.

On another note... while I was in CA attending the IQA show, I took some photos of the bark on some of the trees. I thought they were rather interesting so I am posting them here.


Carole said...

Oh, Sherryl! My heart stopped as I read your post...we have snakes too, and when I came out of the garage a couple of weeks ago, there was one about 30" long and about 2" in diameter. I freaked!! A neighbour came with his broom, scooped it up and took it out back to the rocks.
So, now every time I even go into the garage, I check.. I remember you writing about the one in your garage.. yuck!
But, I do like the trees... inspirational!
Glad your step-son is on his way home!

Norma Schlager said...

No snakes here in CT, wellll, not many and not in the house. I love the pictures of that bark, great texture! It sounds like you had a great time in Ann's class. I still have dye left over in my refrigerator from the workshop I took in April. I used some to dye turquoise fabric the other day and it was fine, although I used it full strength.