Tuesday, June 30, 2009

QSDS Ann Johnstons's Class

The class was terrific! I had so much fun playing with dye paste and learning a great deal along the way. I am still tired from it all. We painted and printed using print paste directly on fabric. Some of us silk screened, stamped, rollered, stenciled, monoprinted, rubbed, etc. We also used corn and potato dextrine as resists. The class was 7 days... enough time to really get into it. Of course we took the required afternoon off and went to see Quilt National which, needless to say, was impressive. I aspire to that... probably only in my dreams. We also did some overdyeing and I managed some Shibori pieces as well. I have colored appendeges to show for it as well... yellow toes, blue, and red fingers. It was fun playing with all the toys.
I am waiting for permission to post some work from my classmates as well. There were 18 of us in the class which included some top tier artists... Shelley Baird, Marie Wiley, Faye Hoch, Ellen Bazzoli, Rachel Covo, Deborah Fell, to name a few. I felt quite intimidated the first few days but then just soaked it all in. Everyone was very gracious and generous about sharing knowledge and techniques and a good time was had by all. Ann was a good teacher. There were some awesome pieces from this class. I tried my hand at most things and have many pieces started and none any where near done. They all need more work but some of them I have a good idea of where I want to go with them. I have one piece that I think is a total disaster but I will use it to practice on.. who knows, maybe it will turn out ok.

I am waiting for permission from some of my classmates to post some of their pieces. I will add to the slideshow. I have added works from Meg Rogers,Teri Hjetland, Mary Anne Loehr, and Faye Hoch. I need to figure out how to incorporate these wonderful techniques into the work I enjoy doing. Enjoy.


Norma Schlager said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun with some great work to show for it. I sure would like to see these bigger. Is there a way to enlarge them?

Sherryl said...

Thanks Norma. I think if you double click on the image you can get it larger.

Rayna said...

Well, duh - where are YOUR pieces?
Sounds like a fabulous class. Shelley Baird does work that is beyond wonderful and Marie Wiley makes the best printed fabrics. Lucky you, to be in class with such pros.

Norma Schlager said...

Thanks for the info about double clicking. I did it on both posts and was glad to see them full size. Your piece in the show and your things from the workshop look great!

Carole said...

I sure can see why you were inspired, Sherryl... what a class!. I have played these over and over and
see something different every time I do. I am using Cooliris and it plays a beautiful slide show.
I can't wait until you get a chance to really get into these and show us your new work.