Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Revisit of sorts

I am getting ready for my trip back to New Jersey to help my daughter and son in law move into their first house. Exciting times for them for sure. I did not want to start on a new project this week although it has been beckoning me so instead I worked on my Rhapsody quilt project that has been languishing. It has a ton of applique pieces that all have to be stitched down using a blanket stitch. BORING! I have made progress and figure that I have about 80%+ done now.
Since I will not have a machine with me or the time to use it, I am taking with me a piece I had dyed in the Shibori class I took with Jan Meyers-Newbury. A dear friend whom I usually stay with when I go back east said she loved the piece so I am going to make it up into either a pillow or a wall hanging for her. I will hand stitch this and see what I can create. Blue is not one of my favorite colors, although I must say that this piece is growing on me.
Hopefully, the weather will be cooperative and play nice. With some luck I might be able to hook up with other artsy folks. I will take my camera with me and try to get some nice spring photos.

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norma said...

I love this piece of fabric, but then I am very partial to blue. You should see my house!