Monday, April 27, 2009


I am suppose to be starting a project but I just don't feel like it! I think I am still recovering from our very successful wine tasting party. This may become an annual thing. Pictured is the blackberry fruit tart with chocolate crumb crust that I made... actually, I made 2 of them. Yum. I made way too much food and we are going to be eating it all week. I think I can suffer through the leftovers with tart.
I was hoping to have the party outside but mother nature decided not to cooperate... it was too windy. There were 18 of us and thankfully, I had enough seating for all of us and no one seemed to mind.

These are my roses.. they are about 2 weeks passed their prime... I am about to lop them off for the next bloom. If we do not get a cold winter, they bloom all year round. I should get another spectacular display before it gets really hot here... they slow down in the heat and then do another big show in October.

Sigh, maybe tomorrow I will feel up to starting my next quilt.


norma said...

That looks sooo good and very creative, too.

Sherryl said...

Thanks Norma.. I cook like I do art... mostly when the spirit moves me, LOL. In truth, I love to cook for guests... everyday stuff is boring.