Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sun printing

I signed up for Susan Sorrell's online Monoprinting class and being the sometimes ditz that I am, I thought it started next week so I figured I still had time to purchase supplies. To my surprise, the first lesson arrived on Monday. The first assignment was to do a sun printed piece and of course I did not have any Seta Color paint. I ran out to Michael's and picked up a few jars and set to it on Tuesday morning. Since I had never done one before, I was a bit lost but serendipitously, Sue Andrus posted a note the the QA list with her version. Between the 2 sets of instructions I managed to do one. There is lots of room for improvement here, but I stuck my toe in the water. I also forgot to use salt.


Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

way prettier than my sunprints(which came out hideous.)I will have to re-try...not that there is much sun around here these days. And congrats on the SAQA sale of your beautiful ginko!!

Meg said...

you don't HAVE to use salt. I use it when I want that "star" type effect. I often don't use it because if I have anything else going on design wise - the piece ends up looking too busy.