Thursday, November 13, 2008

Playing with paint and dye paste

Yesterday was play day and today I got to see the results. I had an odd piece of silk hanging around that I had stenciled with some presist. I decided to toss a bunch of dye paste on it to see what would happen. I am happy with the result. The next piece is one that got started in Ohio as a monoprint that bombed. I added some dye paste using stencils, bubble wrap and just plain slopping it on. The jury is still out on this one. The 3rd piece is on that I was going to do up with a lot of gel glue but changed my mind mid stream. I painted it with fabric paint instead. These are the leftovers from the sun painting experiment. I did not want to throw away the paint even though I had watered them down too much. I added some dye paste via bubble wrap and a small stencil. This one I like as well although I am not sure what if anything I am going to add to this before I start quilting.
Enjoy and feel free to make suggestions.

Everything else is on hold as I am creating a new work area in our extra guest room. This will be my "wet" room so I have more than a 24" space to work on (my current laundry room).


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Very pretty, and so much fun! I love your pastel colors ...

Vivien said...

I think they're all great, but I wouldn't give up on the second one, yet. The colors are great and it has nice depth.