Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have signed up for an online class called "Textured Surfaces". So far it is a fun class and I expect to learn all sorts of interesting stuff. It remains to be seen how I am going to incorporate these new techniques into my own style. So far we have painted several types of background materials with white household latex primer. I used white muslin, white duck cloth, Timtex, and a stretched canvas. To these I added Molding paste which I stamped or stenciled. On some other samples I glued on scrim (cheesecloth) and pieces of torn textured paper. We were suppose to use wallpaper samples but I could not find any. Another sample is a sandwich of Timtex and fabric to which textured yarns were added and couched and then expandable paint was applied. I had never used the expandable paint so I was very cautious in its application. I used a heat gun to puff it up. It is fun and the bonus was that some of the yarn fibers did funky things. I really liked the effect from the scrim.

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