Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Catching up

We had a fantastic visit with my grandson. It was a week chock full of fun stuff. I signed him up for a horseback riding lesson and he loved it so he got 2 more. He is a natural. (Got the genes from his grandmother!) We went on a nature hike and learned about using native plants for things like sunscreen, insect repellent, making tools for harvesting, etc. We went to the Children's museum, the Science Museum, the Aquarium, and the Butterfly garden. We took a tour of Southwest Wildlife conservation center where they rehabilitate injured animals for future release back in to the wild. We did kitchen science experiments. We spent the day up at Wildlife World zoo. We cuddled at night and I read to him. It was a busy week and I enjoyed every minute of it. I took Will back to New Jersey and spent a couple of days with my daughter and my twin granddaughters. Whew! I was tired when I got home but it was well worth it. Will said he wants to come back. Best accolade ever!

On a more serious note... I have been clipping my cats nails for 8 years... on Sunday she took exception to it and sunk her teeth into my hand. At first I thought I had nicked her, but quickly realized that the blood spurting was mine! I washed it out and Ned insisted we head to ER... probably a very wise idea. They took an ex-ray to determine she hadn't broken a bone then hooked me up to IV full of antibiotics. They suggested I see a hand surgeon the next day to rule out any tendon, nerve, or other damage and gave me 10 days worth of horse pills (antibiotics) to take. I can barely get them down. Doesn't look like there is any physical damage but still have to be vigilant about infection. My house looked like murder and mayhem. There was blood everywhere. I have limited use of my left hand for a bit. I have an awesome husband.

There are irises blooming in my courtyard.

I started quilting another piece.

I need a bit less excitement.


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